Human Factors

  1. User name and password management must be a defined task for your IT department. Many individuals choose simple passwords that can often be easily cracked. Training and change management needs to be performed on a regular basis.
  2. Do your systems suffer from chaos creep? When a system is new it’s easy to have everything in order and properly structured. But as staff changes take place and more equipment is added it’s a challenge to keep things orderly and manageable.
  3. One of the major weak spots of the IT infrastructure and network are the people and their relationship to emails. Email phishing and spoofing, ransomware egress, these types of attack are on the increase and the training to resist is lagging behind.
  4. USB sticks can be infected and there needs to be training and all USB sticks must be scanned on a regular basis for viruses.
  5. Time wasting and problem solving. Many people in small companies can use IT support for issues that are minimally important but take up precious and valuable minutes. It’s not just the time, it’s the time to get to a machine, time to focus on the problem and then time to return to neutral and return to your desk. Loose Printer and Monitor power cables, or bad extension cords can blight the planning of your day. All issues that can and should be handled by the Computer user.
  6. Key pressing! One human behavior that can and has wreaked havoc with someone’s computer is the unintentional changes that take place when people press keys without knowing what will happen. Training company staff to be cautious can have an immediate positive impact upon a department’s efficiencies.

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It can be so overwhelming, with pressure coming from the criminals and elsewhere. Management is eager to have a system that is robust and fully protected. Time is money. When everything appears normal, money tends to be tight. However, when there is a problem money has to be spent to fix it. Invest in your IT system’s knowledge base and see your investment become worth its weight in gold. This could be your company’s best asset for keeping the crooks away. Our tool can help.
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