Helpful Websites

Helpful Websites: that save you time and money

If you want a quick look at Cybersecurity news, Threatpost is a long-running, independent source of news and analysis about the cybersecurity landscape, covering breaking news and threat research, malware and vulnerability analysis, long-term trends and everything in-between. This Woburn, Mass.-based outlet reaches a core audience of 1 million+ website visitors, including hundreds of thousands of IT and business-security professionals worldwide, every month.

These guys are from Australia and have well over 100 software applications for sale at around $20 – $40 each. I use the Pixillion application (automate image manipulation) and Doxillion (automate document manipulation) I had 37 pdfs to merge in a particular order to create a book for printing. The result with Doxillion was perfect. These two products were easy to use and intuitive.

This is my “go to” website for anything to do with times and dates. I travel a lot and it’s terrific for quickly checking timezone differences. We use it for all the date calculations for the Wisdom Wheel daily journals. It’s a real time saver for date and time information.

The Hacker News was founded in 2010 and in the ensuing years, the site has become one of the most prominent channels for information security, working as a bridge between a wide range of communities, including leading security researchers, geeks, techies, businesses, CISOs, and thousands of security professionals.