California COVID19 cases under-reported

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I saw a report on line today from the LA Times describing the the underreporting of COVID19 cases. Part of the problem was that a required certificate had lapsed and no one had renewed it in time. This resulted in data not being automatically uploaded to the requisite Servers for around 4 days.

If they had our Time$aver Tool installed it could have reminded them to get all of their certificates validated and updated as needed. Another use of our Access DB. Also, as we train folks to use the tool we can see that part of the real issue with normal IT departments is task switching time losses. By focusing on just one task to enter all of the crucial data about your equipment you will save time and money having all of the device data readily at your fingertips. Here is a terrific article by Jory MacKay on the subject of times losses due to task switching;,80%25%20of%20your%20productive%20time&text=Juggling%20two%20tasks%20at%20a,40%25%20lost%20to%20context%20switching